Why?  This online discussion platform is free.  Students of all abilities can access your grid from many devices.  It gives voice to all students and provides equity amongst students, especially those students who are more successful explaining their thinking verbally, instead of in written form.

Who?  This platform makes learning accessible for EL students who develop oral language before written word.  It also helps gives them access to peer discussions to help provide understanding.  For students with disabilities it provides a visual component to help them relate to the content and they can replay a video for additional support.  It also allows students at all levels “think time” when answering a question.  They can take their time to compose an answer and explain their thinking in their own time. Limitations: The only limitation is finding time and devices for your students to use this technology.


Lesson Ideas-

One- Provide a grid for students to explain their thinking when solving a math problem and then post the video as a math “hotline” for other students to use when solving a similar problem. 10 Ways to use Flipgrid to Help with Math 

Two- Provide a grid for students to discuss geography in their area and connect with a classroom in a different part of the country.  Students can share what they see and hear what their peers see.  You can easily collaborate with other classrooms around social studies topics.